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Everyone knows that home maintenance is imperative for preserving the quality and condition of your home’s interior and exterior. However, not everyone takes action to cover all the necessary bases, ultimately leaving some areas of the home to slowly deteriorate, exposed to the elements.

But, sometimes knowing what, when and how to perform certain maintenance duties can be a challenge as some tasks are less obvious than others. For example, owners of homes with sump pumps might not even consider inspecting their systems, which can result in flooded basements. Other items, like gas and electric water heaters with large tanks build up sediment and require routine flushing at least once a year. This sediment is also referred to as scale and consists of free-floating minerals that aggregate over time. It’s the same stuff that accumulates in your shower.

Improper or limited maintenance can cause a host of unwanted issues while silently stripping your home’s value. Plus, repair costs can hit your pocketbook harder than if you were to simply practice routine maintenance.

Regardless of whether or not you avidly inspect, clean and maintain features of your home, sometimes it helps to be in good hands. Allstate recently developed a maintenance scheduler that will help remind you when to get to work around your home. The app comes with a list of preinstalled ideas to help you get started. If your personal list extends beyond the recommendations, you can include custom tasks. The app will even allow you to take notes, schedule an entire calendar year worth of tasks for both your home and automobile, and send you text and / or email reminders when you need to take care of business!

For those of us who lead busy lives, sometimes an extra reminder can make a big difference.

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Mark Healey
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